August 8, 2013

Registration fee:

$25 per student / $40 per family

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Level Classes:               

per month

   Level 1 $75

   Level 2 $80

   Level 3 $85

   Level 4 $90

   Level 5 $90

   Adult     $85


Monthly payments for level classes include tuition and all recital cost. Recital cost includes costumes, trophy, recital t-shirt, recital program, recital DVD and tickets to the recital. Monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month.

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Specialty Classes:

per month reduced (Level class students) / full cost

Tumbling                              $30/ $50 per month

Just Jazz                               $30/ $50 per month

Ballet Elite                           $25 / $50 per month

Ballet Intense                      $30/ $50 per month

Pointe                                    $30 per month

Students registered in a level class pay reduced cost for specialty classes. Recital cost

for specialty is $75 for level students and $150 for non level and is due by 11/1/17. No

recital for tumbling or Just Jazz.

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Family Discounts:

$15 discounts are offered to additional siblings members of an immediate family. $20 discounts are offered to dancing mothers and full-time college students. These discounts do not apply to specialty