Our Policies

Divine Dance Academy policy info

Class Placement… We believe class placement is imperative to the dancer and teacher in progressing the class collectively. We place dancers in the best class possible for everyone. We certainly consider experience, ability, skills, age and even physical size in making this decision. We ask that you give us at least 2-3 classes to determine if your dancer is in the correct class. If a recommendation is presented to you for a new class, please be flexible to make the necessary adjustments. If you have concerns after the 2nd or 3rd class, please let us know by email.

Tuition…. Our tuition is based on 9 months of classes including holidays August – April. Tuition is
due on the first of each month. We accept checks payable to Divine Dance Academy, cash and
credit cards. Cash must be paid in the lobby for a written receipt. All check payments can be
placed in the payment box inside the lobby. (Please note, our preferred method of payment is with
a check.) Your dancers name must be in the memo on your check. You can also mail your check

Divine Dance Academy
37141 Audubon Ct
Prairieville, LA 70769

Credit card payments can be made in our lobby. Credit cards will be charged an extra 5%
processing fee. If you prefer monthly invoices through your email, please make sure to indicate on
the registration form and you will receive an email each month for payment. Please note, it is still
your responsibility to make your payment on time. Please check your “junk” mail if you are not
receiving our invoiced emails.

Late Fee…. A $10 late fee will be added to your account after the 15th of the month.

Returned Checks…. A $25 NSF fee will be charged to your account for returned checks and only cash will be accepted for the remainder of the year. Note – Only cash will be accepted after April 15th for all students.

Attendance…. Attendance is everything! Classes progress every week. Please do your best to miss only when extreme circumstances arise such as illness or death in the family. Please schedule doctor and dentist appointments on days opposite of dance days. Please notify us if your child misses more than 2 consecutive weeks of unattended classes. Ask about “make-up” classes if available between August and December.

Dress Requirements…  All students are expected to follow our dance attire. Students are
expected to bring all dance shoes to class in a dance bag. We cannot provide spare shoes for any
dancer. Please refer to our Dance Attire page on our website for specific class attire.

First Day…Young dancers in level 1 must have their tap shoes on first for each class. All
students need to have a dance bag. All dancers must have their names on all shoes and dance bags. Please do not allow various items to clutter your child’s dance bag such as toys, water bottles, snacks, candy, extra clothing, etc.

Bathroom…. Dancers must use the bathroom BEFORE class. This is very important for our
younger dancers as when one goes, they all have to go!

Class Drop off & Dismissal… ALL students need to arrive NO earlier and no later than 5
minutes. Parents of young dancers in level 1 should bring their dancer in to visit the bathroom prior to class. At the end of class, Parents of young dancers in level 1 should be lined up outside the door ready to take their dancer home on time. We do not allow dancers to walk alone to a car in the parking lot. You must get out of your vehicle to pick up your dancer.

Class Participation…. Any student not participating in a class will be asked to call home
immediately. A good night’s sleep and healthy diet can help your dancer have enough energy to participate. It is your responsibility to check your child’s temperature on a regular basis BEFORE sending them to dance. Any child not feeling well or sick SHOULD STAY HOME!

Watch Day…. We will offer a watch day in the fall. This will be a day in which each dancer can have 2 adult guests to come and observe the entire class. Please note, NO additional children are allowed at watch day. We will notify you in September of the date for your class.

Injuries…. If a child has a previous injury, a written note by the parent will be required to sit and watch. If a student becomes injured during a class, the parent will be notified immediately. We
are not responsible for your child’s injuries. The risk of injuries occurs with any sport.

Recital / Rehearsal…. Our recital will be held on Sunday, 5/5/24 at the Baton Rouge River
Center Theatre for Performing Arts. Our Rehearsal is Thursday, 5/2/24 and is mandatory. If you are not familiar with the theatre, please take time to make a Sunday drive to the downtown area. This will help you when the time comes for rehearsal and recital to know where you need to go.

Recital Deposit & Costumes…. Recital deposit is due September 1. Costumes are ordered in October/November. Fees cannot be refunded. Costumes are handed out at the dress rehearsal in the spring during class time. Remaining costume/recital costs for level classes are included in the monthly cost. Remaining costume/recital costs for specialty classes are due by 11/1/22. Dress rehearsals will be sometime during the month of February. Specifics dates will be given out by October 2023 so you can mark your calendar accordingly.

Dance Pictures… Dance pictures for the recital program will be taken on Friday, 3/1 and
Saturday, 3/2. Assigned dates and times will be given at dress rehearsal. Please make
arrangements for these dates. There are NO makeup dates available. If you miss pictures on these dates, your dance picture will not be in our recital program.

Communication… We will communicate through email, text and newsletters throughout our dance year. Please be sure to let us know if your email or phone number changes. Please be sure to check your email for information.

Lobby… We would like to keep our lobby from being too crowded in order to facilitate
everyone’s needs. If you need to come in to make a purchase or make a payment, please feel free to do so Monday through Thursday. We ask parents to drop their child off at the door and leave or wait in your car.

Parking… Our parking is somewhat limited at times. If you have errands to run during your dancer’s class time, it would be great in order to free up our space. So when it is possible, please try to drop off and pick up at the appropriate times.

No Refunds…. We all know that life can come with uncertainties. Unfortunately, deductions are not given if a child misses class for any reason. Please ask about “make-up” classes if available. If a child misses a class, it is your responsibility to contact us to see if you missed any information sent home.

Lost & Found… We are not responsible for any lost items. Your dancer should have their
name on all their shoes and clothing. Their dance bag should be big enough to place all items in it.
Please check our “Lost and Found” box at our school if you have lost something.

Closures…. We typically follow the Ascension Parish School System for any emergency closures. It is extremely difficult to schedule makeup classes for emergency closures. When we are able, we will do so or we will do our best to offer a makeup class.

Photo Release…. By accepting these policies you are agreeing to let your dancer’s picture be posted on Divine Dance Academy’s website and our Face Book and Instagram pages. We will rarely use a dancers name. If so, it would be first name only.